Prodii for Professionals

In a Global, Connected World

Social media and networks are constantly increasing the number of people we interact with and are great for networking, making new connections and keeping in touch.

To grow your business, however, it is not only how many people you are connected to; Successful business relations depend on how well you know the connections that are most important to you!

Show Who You Are; Know Who you Meet

Imagine what you were able to do if you could easily identify the knowhow and capabilities of your work relations – and they were able to identify yours:
- In customer relations: What can we offer you? How can we help you?
- In an organisation: Who could you learn from? Who could you mentor?
- At conferences: Who is the speaker? What kind of audience am I speaking to?
- At meetings: Who am I going to meet?

Prodii Helps you Shine Online

With a Prodii profile you can proactively provide companies with a collection of your professional activities, skills and experience.

Take Advantage of the Work You Have Done

- Oh no – you may think, - I don't want another social media to manage. I can hardly find the time to update my current media.This is exactly our point and the reason behind our smart way. You have already spent time on your social media profiles so why not reuse this information for other purposes?No upload of documents and no retyping is required. All you have to do is connecting your social media profiles - and Prodii will build a complete professional profile showcasing your professional activities ensuring a rounded presentation of who you are and what you do.

We Care About Your Data

You might get worried about what kind of information we import and what we do with this information. We are here to make you look good, to empower you professionally and to enable you to activate data that belongs to you. We do not keep, store or sell your data for other purposes. If you want to leave, you don't have to ask. Delete your profile - and we delete all data that belongs to you.

Share and Publish

A Prodii profiles makes you presentable and available online; Publish your profile on a vanity URL and embed personalized info graphics on your home page.

Join or Host a Team

A Prodii profile is free. All Prodii members can host a team. As a host you invite your guests/ team members. By joining a team, the invitee accepts to exchange professional information with other team members.

Dynamic info graphics by Prodii

Start the video for a quick view. To get your own and personalized info graphics - just connect your social media profiles to - and let us do the magic!

Prodii for Teams and Organisations

Team Up and Share Insights

Team up with your co-workers, network relations or meeting attendees to share and compare skills and knowhow.

Each team member contributes to the team by sharing selected data from their social media profiles. Prodii merges single profiles into aggregated team and company profiles.

Don't send your customers away to meet your employees

Imagine an updated, inspiring, personal yet professional company page, presenting your skills and employees, based on data from your employees social media activities integrated on your company home page. Visible for customers, job seekers and search engines. And implemented instantly.

When your employees are your strongest asset, Prodii is your solution for presenting who they are and what they do.

On Your Homepage.

Prodii easily transforms social media data into unique and customised people-, team- and company presentations without any need to retype or reenter content. Content is moved seamlessly from social media, and presented on your webpage.

No Installation required. Just Go!

Prodii requires no installation, is easily managed and puts team managers and business owners behind the wheel.

Team Profiles and Team Info graphics

Start the video for a quick view. To get your own Team Profiles - create a profile on, become a Team Owner and invite people to your team.

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