Why Use Prodii?

Gain Perspective

Make skills and knowhow transparent within your organisation, project groups and teams.

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Create Awareness

Discover and find skills in your organisation and become a better human resource planner.

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Promote People

Make stylish profiles presenting people and teams emphasizing what you do best.

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Save Work Hours

by collecting aggregated data and present people and projects internally and externally in one seamless and time saving flow.

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What You Get?

A professional overview, ready for presentation, of your organisation, teams, people and skills.

Prodii converts data into professional graphical visualisations.
For public presentation choose a design from multiple templates made available for you.

Key numbers calculated on the basis of your data

First you collect data via your employees, then prodii sums it all up.
Total number of people in your organisation, summed years of experience.

Easy way to update people content

Easy update of employees' data on your homepage/ intranet - no webmaster required.

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Premium Features

From Prodii to Your Homepage

On Prodii.com

  • Build Company and Team Pages
  • Invite People
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On your Wordpress homepage

  • Install PROdii WP plugin
  • Activate your Publisher Key
  • Generate Your Shortcode