Organise and present people, skills and resources. Fast, easy and at a low cost.

  • Customers build relations with people, not products.
  • Job searches are attracted by people they are going to work with.
  • Teams perform better when managers better understand their full capacity.

    For You and Your Friends

    It is free for you to try Prodii. You can create and publish your profile, invite friends into your team and publish online.

    For Startups

    Prodii is the perfect tool for startups who want to present themselves to investors and customers in a professional and stylish way.

    For Businesses and Corporations

    Companies and organisations with local offices, departments and project teams.

  • Get key numbers on your organisation
  • Search and find people in your organisation with specific skills
  • Easily collect project teams and present to customers
  • Publish a company or career page on your home page
  • Visualise your organisation on your intranet

    Your Personal Profile

    Prodii builds a professional profile showcasing your professional activities ensuring a rounded presentation of who you are and what you do best. Use it as a team member and/ or for personal branding.

    We offer 3 methods to complete your profile:

    Publish a stylish profile on a vanity-URL

    Use your profile for personal branding; Create a personal web-url that links to your profile on

    Join or Host a Team

    All Prodii members can host a team. As a host you invite your guests/ team members. By joining a team, the invitee accepts to exchange professional information with other team members.

    Organisation, Company and Teams

    With a profile you can create a company and with a company you can create teams.You complete your teams by inviting team members using the team invitation guide.

    Team View

    Data from team members profiles are included in the team view and aggregated into key numbers for the company.

    Company, Career and Team Pages

    Prodii enables organisations to visualise and populate on their intranet and homepages their organizational structure in unified employee profiles.

    On Your Homepage.

    Prodii easily transforms social media data into unique and customised people-, team- and company presentations without any need to retype or reenter content.

    No Installation required. Just Go!

    Prodii requires no installation, is easily managed and puts team managers and business owners behind the wheel.

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