Is Prodii for You?

Create Awareness

Visualize your work life and use it in your professional profile on your customised URL.

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Know Your Talents

Benefit from the knowledge and resources in your professional work relations.

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Take Ownership

Take back the power of your digital identity; Don’t just leave it to others to build your digital brand.

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Get Flexibility

Present people and projects internally and externally in one seamless and time saving flow.

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What You Get?

A cloud-based information system with storage and data processing abilities

It’s your professional-data hub..

Access to data

Data plugs to claim your personal professional data from social media and web-services.

Templates that can unfold your professional work life

On a personal level, in a group and in an organisation.

Present Your Talents

In Your Service

With prodii we want to help you benefit from your data scattered around on social media and digital platforms. We believe you should be able to take the same advantage of your professional data and have the ability to access, activate, map and share it - in your service and for your personal professional purpose.

On Collect Data

  • Manage your data, profile and pages
  • Invite people you work with
  • Gain insights in skills within your work relations

Get Value from Your Data:

  • Install Prodii WP-plugin on your home page
  • Export your data in json
  • Customise data visualisation